Decoding the Online Presence & Online Strength of Boro Language


Today, let’s talk about a language that has a around approx. 3.4 million speakers in the whole world. We are talking about Bodo(Boro) language. The language that originates and has history from more than 5000 B.C. According to Britanica the total number of speakers of Bodo languages in India was estimated at about 2.2 million in the late 20th century. In present day the Bodos are mainly dominant in Assam, West Bengal, Bangladesh & Nepal. To know more about cultural, Geographical history please visit here.

Boro Language Movement and Struggles

Now let’s talk about the language identity and cultural strength of modern world. Boro language is an associate language of Assam. The movement and demand for recognization of Boro language in the schools, colleges, offices started in the late 60s moved by the peoples of native speakers. To read more please visit here

After the language is recognized as constitutional status of the country the online and technical aspects of the language is expected to rise among the speakers. The language has a rich cultural and literature roots since pre-indepence. One will find thousand of books like stories, poems, grammars, dictionary, short stories, rhymes, limericks poem etc. in printed copy or in offline mode only, But it is very difficult to find online presence of these, the  online presence of such things is very less as compared to other similar language who has same population like Naga, Manupuri Mizo etc. It is unfortunate to say that the separate state demand of Boro peoples, Bodoland has not concluded yet even they have long movement and struggles.

Boro Language and Online Presence

The rise of startup companies and researcher for Boro language seems very less as compared others. If you google out you will find very less data. for example if you try boro dictionary app or website or something related to learning boro language the online resources is not available.

Hardly you find one small startup from Kokrajhar whose company name is Digitaloma. I have checked out their website and find out that they had a portfolios in their website claiming that they developed an online boro search engine naigir, they also claimed that, an online boro content tool, it has available boro poems, stories, biography etc.

Another one dictionary like tool called Glossary is also developed by this startup.

To try some boro content tool please visit below links-


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